EA eliminating Kareem Hunt from Madden NFL 19 lineup

Kareem Search, the star running back that the Kansas City Chiefs launched Friday after video clip emerged of him attacking a woman, is now on his way out of Madden NFL 19, author Digital Arts validated to Polygon on Tuesday.

” We are in the process of eliminating Kareem Hunt from the Madden NFL 19 roster, Madden Overdrive as well as Madden Ultimate Group,” an EA rep said in a declaration. (Madden NFL Overdrive is EA’s football game for mobile devices.).

The information was first reported by TMZ.

This step puts on the video game’s default lineup, which is usually upgraded once a week during the NFL regular season and also playoffs. Anybody who wants to play Madden 19 online must have the current roster upgrade. However, EA is not eliminating Search from the game entirely right now: Gamers that decrease to download future lineup updates without Quest, or have currently started an offline Franchise business playthrough, will still see Quest in the game.

EA is utilizing a slightly various option for Madden Ultimate Team, the setting in which players created teams of online trading cards. Here is more about madden nfl 19 coins visit the web site. In Ultimate Group, Quest will certainly be replaced with a “generic gamer with the same statistics,” according to EA’s statement. The representative verified that EA is managing Search in a similar way to the way it took care of former Baltimore Ravens running back Ray Rice in 2014, after Rice was released and also suspended indefinitely following a residential physical violence occurrence.

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